Wholesale Information

Wholesale Supplier of African Market Baskets, Storage Baskets, Home Decor Baskets & More

Welcome wholesale customers.

We ship to shops all over the world!
We welcome wholesale inquiries please email us at madefromghana@gmail.com .

Our minimum order is thirty baskets. Through our experience, we have found that a large display of baskets creates brisk sales and most of our customers order 40, 50, or more baskets at a time.

2019 Wholesale Customer Information


We only offer a few styles of baskets and other handwoven products. We do this to ensure that we can get a good supply of high-quality baskets in the styles that we offer.
For most of our baskets, we pay our weavers by the exact size of each basket we buy, and we sell our baskets by that size. It is the fairest way for all. It operates on the same principal as a floor layer charging per square foot to install a floor.
For most of our styles, each size and style of basket is recorded on a white retail tag hanging from our baskets for easy identification. We are the only suppliers in the industry to engage this fair practice.
We do not do color specific orders. That is, we won’t take orders where the baskets have to be dyed / woven the exact same color.
Please regard your order as a ‘wish list.’ We will do our best to fill your order exactly as you requested or as close to your order as possible while operating within the constraints of what is in stock and what can be efficiently packed.
We will seek your authorization for any potential substitutions.
We ship our orders in poly woven sacks that have cardboard in between the sacks to protect the baskets from ‘scuffing.’ Ghana Post charges a hefty premium for the first kilogram. We want to spread that first kilogram premium over as many baskets as possible in order to keep the cost of shipping down, per basket. Thus, we recommend that your order fills a sack efficiently and completely using different styles and sizes of baskets. The more baskets that we can fit into a sack, the cheaper your baskets are to ship.

Our minimum order is 30 baskets with flat shipping fee of  $240 for all.